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Bite Triggering

Shape Shifting

Shape-Shifting Technology

The Montana Spinner Blade is like nothing else out there.  The blade is crazy light weight allow it to spin at slow speeds.  But what really makes it different is how it changes shape as it is pulled through the water.   This creates a unique action and great flash.  You've got to see it in for yourself to understand how this amazing spinner blade works.......

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Proven Performance

The Montana Spinner Blade catches walleye, trout, perch and salmon all over the United States and in Canada.  This spinner blade works trolling a crawler or worm harness rig.   

This blade is very light weight and starts spinning at 0.8 mph.  Most walleye fisherman are bottom bouncing this spinner blade at 0.8 - 1.2 mph with outstanding success. 

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Its' like nothing they have seen before......

Walleyes caught on Ram Lure Tackle
Trout and Salmon that a fisherman caught with ram lure spinner blade
huge walleye that a customer caught on the Columbia river in Washington
Great Big Walleye caught in Canada on the Montana Spinner Blade
a bunch of great eating walleye using the montana spinner blade rig
massive walleye caught using ram lure fishing crawler harness.
fish caught using a Montana Spinner Blade setup



Posted on Sep 19th 2018

Saw these new blades and had to try them out.  I just returned from a Canadian fishing trip and tried a couple of these on walleye. I tried several colors and the combinations seemed to produce good results on nice fish when the bite was slow. I look forward to using the other color combinations on future fishing trips.

by Rod Dykehouse 


Posted on Sep 11th 2018

I made my first purchase in June to fish Lake Sakakawea! We slayed the eyes! Yellow, Violet and Moon Jelly were a home-run. We caught bigger fish than the traditional blades. I was even handing Ram Lures to other boats on the water! I now have every color! Looking forward to wacking more!

by Barry J. Olson 


Posted on Sep 1st 2018

We have used these spinners in Lake Erie and on our trip to Quebec this year. Same results, nailed 'em ! Love this new design and the walleyes seem to give it Two Fins Up !

by Big Pete 

Tie Your Own Tackle? 

The Montana Blade is a great addition to the lure lineup.  Guys are fishing this blade in Washington, Oregon, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Some popular places have been the Columbia River, Roosevelt Lake, Fort Peck, Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea, Missouri River, and Lake Erie.


Free Fishing Log

Track your days on the water this detailed fishing log.  Moon phase, wind, cloud, presentation type, location, speed etc. can all be tracked in this fishing log.  Organize the logs in a three ring binder by day and you can look back to see how the fishing was the year before.  Download PDF here.