Happy customer, happy us.

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Happy customer, happy us.

It is always fun to hear about how the Montana Blade is working for guys.  Spike submitted this great store through the review process on the website and got entered in to win $100.  If you want to write a review, here is the link: http://webapp.rivet.works/collector/ramlures/ramlu... 

Spike Wrote:

This year our fishing groups annual fishing trip was on Las Seul, Ontario, out of Mahkwa Lodge. Every year for the last 16 years we all compete for the "PIG-ON" Walleye Trophy. While Not as big of a deal as the NWT to use it means our name on the plaque and Bragging rights for a year! The group is not just a group of fishing wanna bees. Almost all are guides or leaders in the retail fishing world throughout the Midwest. It is not an easy honor to win. I had heard mention of a new spinner developed by Ram Lures and checked the internet for info.(anything to gain an edge) I purchased a few packages of assorted colors and tied about 20 rigs up. Primarily Gold, Chartreuse, Red and Orange. even a pack of Purple(Vikings Fan) I used VMC spin slow death hooks in a couple of sizes. I used Chartreuse and Gold Beads primarily and even tied up some with floats. After pulling Cranks for a day and a half and catching 137 walleyes from 12" to 23" We decided to head out to deeper water and try bottom bouncers and rigs. I drove to a spot we have had success in before and stopped the boat, dropped down the kicker and rigged up with a Gold Montana Spinner. and a half of a crawler. The guys in the boat had to have a look at my secret weapon. I dropped down the bouncers and shifted the kicker into gear. I went about 10' and I felt the rod load and leaned it back and dropped the hammer! Solid! In short order I could tell this fish had some shoulders. After bout 4 to 5 minutes, which included a couple of runs under the boat,we got her in the net. A beautiful Healthy and fat Walleye. A couple of photos and she was released to fight another day. I'm sold on the Montana blade and I know my crew is as well. I'm sure you have had some orders from them. My name is now engraved on the plaque and I have the bragging rights for another year. My confidence in the rig is high and I would encourage all to try them on their home waters. 

Sincerely, Michael "Spike" Miller