Common Questions

How does the blade attach to the line?  The line runs through the center hole. 

Does the blade wear-out my line?  No, it is plastic and is less abrasive to your line than steel.

Do I need beads?  Yes, the blade should be run in front of at least 1 bead.  You will also want to free up the tail (elongate the blade) before use.

What is it made of?  The blade is made of a High-performance Polyester Plastic.  It is ultra thin, making the blade virtually weightless.

How big are they?  The Model 700 is about 1.25" across and the Model 500 is 0.875" across.

What speed can I run them at?  They will rotate at 0.5 mph and faster.  Most people run them at 0.8-1.2 for walleye and 2.0-3.0 for trout.

Did you know?  The blade is reversible.  It can be run with the color facing forward or backward

Still have questions?  Call Scott at 406-580-4643.