Spinner Rig Storage Cards

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See all your spinner rigs in a three ring binder with this storage system.  The cards are the same size as a business card and can fit 10 cards to a standard three ring binder sheet.  Installing and removing the harness from the card is super easy and fast.  

This system was developed for a beginner or a PRO.  The spinner rig storage system allows for easy viewing of all your crawler harnesses and puts them within easy reach.  It compactly stores, protects and organizes all your worm harnesses.  Cards can be stored in any 3-ring binder for business cards.  

Pack Size Available:
Individual - $0.80
12 Cards - $6.99
50 Bulk Pack - $19.99

 "Everyone should get this product, they won't be disappointed." - Justan H.

 "It is an amazing product" - Kristy F.